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IMMEDIATE Fashion School is a cooperative art & learning project where participants are encouraged to playfully challenge the norms of dominant fashion. The goal is to imagine and create a fashion scene that seeks to know itself through togetherness rather than consumer spectacle -- a scene where the individual and the collective melt together temporarily to seed transformations toward emergent visions of fashion. IMMEDIATE Fashion School provides a space in time to experiment in a cozy yet critical exchange of ideas via lectures, demonstrations, collaborative making projects, discussion groups, performances and publications.




Weekend #1:

Friday, October 6th - 7pm-10pm

Saturday, October 7th - 9am-6pm

Sunday, October 8th - 9am-6pm


Weekend #2:

Friday, October 13th - 7pm-10pm

Saturday, October 14th - 9am-6pm

Sunday, October 15th - 9am-6pm

Á la carte cost:  $150*

Experiment with adopting a personal uniform! During this intensive weekend workshop we'll each create an enduring wardrobe item for ourselves - the jumpsuit!   Free yourself from the cycles of consumption, tap into the historical power of collective identity and playfully push against the concept of individuality.  IMMEDIATE will provide the pattern  - Marilla Walker's Roberts Collection.  We love this pattern because it is simple enough for novices, but can be easily manipulated and altered by more advanced participants. It is also gender neutral and comes in a nice range of sizes. The pattern set includes a jumpsuit, overalls, a dress and a shirt.  Participants will bring their own fabric and notions, but we will also have extra materials to share if you need. Basic sewing skills are a plus, but we will accommodate you if you need a crash lesson on using the machine.


Tuesdays 7pm-9pm

October 3rd-December 5th (skips Halloween & week of Thanksgiving)

Á la carte cost:  $100*

Learn the art of subtraction cutting while collaborating with other participants on a group art project. We'll share some basics about the technique through demonstrations, but feel free to download the free manual to get a jumpstart on the technique and learn even more. Other points of departure for the group project will include incorporation of performative elements (movement, words, music, etc.) and public interaction. Start thinking about how these ideas can be mixed up with the ethos of our fashion scene --interdisciplinary ideas highly encouraged! We'll meet once in mid October and once in mid November to discuss plans, develop ideas and begin working. Then we'll have an intensive weekend working session at the beginning of December to finish the project. We'll present the work to the public at our end of term exhibition.  If you want to register for this workshop, it is strongly encouraged that you also participate in the Critical Fashion Theory get-togethers.



We'll meet once a week to read and discuss a variety of critical fashion texts & essays. This term will include possible selections from the texts below. Participants are encouraged to suggest other related readings and lead discussions. Related readings in non-fashion subjects highly encouraged! By the end of the term, we will each develop a written or visual contribution to a class zine in response to our our time together.

The Fashion Condition

Fashion, Culture & Identity 

Philosophical Perspectives on Fashion

Social Psychology of Dress

Fashion Theory: A Reader

Fashion & Cultural Studies

Experimental Fashion

Critical Fashion Practice

Fashion and Everyday Life


Fashion Myths - A Cultural Critique




February 17th, Museum of Human Achievment

Free and open to the public


"Fashion & Justice" with Kimberly M. Jenkins & Jonathan Michael Square

Saturday, February 3rd, 10am-5pm, The Contemporary

Free for IMMEDIATE participants,  $30 for the public



Sunday, October 22 - 4p-7p

Sunday, November 19 - 4p-7p

Friday, December 1st - 7pm-10pm

Saturday, December 2nd - 9am-6pm

Sunday, December 3rd - 9am-6pm

Á la carte cost:  $150*


The cost of participation for the entire Fall 2017 term is $250. This includes enrollment in all workshops & get-togethers and covers some materials.  Á la carte prices are available if you don't want to enroll in everything. The money from these fees goes directly to programming costs.  If the cost is prohibitive for you, let us know.  Participants can apply to teach workshops, give lectures or do administrative work in trade to get their fees waived, and some scholarships will be available to those in need.

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