2020: Fashion as World Building

"World building is a revolutionary act, a bit of spell casting to invoke a dream into blooming. In a time of collective unveiling, we explore how fashion dovetails with world building as the expression of our unseen self. The ways and means that produce the aesthetics of a new world are bound to everything from economic structures to indigenous sovereignty to beauty standards. As we experiment with aesthetics and fashion, we refine our collective vision for a new world." Kimmothy Cole, IFS ATX artist leader & participant 2017-2020

According to wikipedia, world building is the process of constructing an imaginary world. It is often associated with science fiction writing, video game creation or role playing games. This season IMMEDIATE Fashion School will play with creating fantastic arrangements of everything from politics, power structures and culture to bodily and sensory experiences, communication styles and social relationships. We'll daydream and create a world that is everything we wish the world to be in real life in 2020 and examine how it expresses in what we put on our bodies and how we appear to one another.

Interested in leading an event for IMMEDIATE Fashion School 2020? 

Due to COVID-19, we are unsure when the 2020 season will launch, but in the meantime, we are seeking artists and leaders to guide an IMMEDIATE Fashion School community in the exploration of this theme through reading & discussion nights, skill-share workshops, collaborative art projects and talks. Please submit this form if you are in Austin, TX or Seattle, WA.  

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