2020: Fashion as World Building

World building, often associated with science fiction writing, video game creation or role playing games, is all about constructing the details of imaginary worlds. Although rooted in fantasy or utopian thinking, this activity is a powerful way to approach transformation of everyday reality. By daydreaming and creating imaginary worlds that reflect everything we wish the world to be in real life 2020, we can begin to see paths forward. IMMEDIATE Fashion School invites you to join us as we play with creating fantastic rearrangements of everything from politics, power structures and culture to bodily and sensory experiences, communication styles and social relationships. Fresh arrangements impact psychic realms and inevitably express in our aesthetics, including how we dress our bodies and appear to one another. From fashion, art and architecture to tools and everyday objects, our material worlds are bound to our systems and structures like a perpetual feedback loop, and imagination can enter this loop from anywhere.

"World building is a revolutionary act, a bit of spell casting to invoke a dream into blooming.”

Kimmothy Cole, IFS ATX artist leader & participant 2017-2020

Due to COVID19, our 2020 season of events will be entirely online. Stay tuned as we work to put together our calendar!

Funded in part by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department.

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