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Portland, OR

July 2018

IMMEDIATE Fashion School seeks artists and creatives in Portland, Oregon to conduct critical and playful artistic research together.  No experience necessary! Everyday citizens who love fashion and want to contribute critically, creatively and playfully toward building a new vision of fashion are sought to participate.


Read, Discuss, Play, Make, Share:

July 12th, 19th & 26th from 7:00pm-9:00pm 

Our research topic for these sessions is "sameness and difference." Some argue that the dominant system of fashion is propelled by the ongoing struggle between individuality and uniformity in dress. This rich topic unfolds into a variety of concepts including imitation, appropriation, otherness, power, equality, innovation and more. Each participant is welcome to contribute suggested readings and media to an open syllabus for this topic. This is not a class with a teacher & a lecture, but more like a collaborative learning scenario where we immerse ourselves together in shared readings/media/pop culture related to the topic and then discuss and play with the concepts. We'll then collaborate to make a zine with creative reflections on the topic as well as on our time together.

DIY Jumpsuit Skill-Share Workshop:

July 14th & 15th from 9:00am-2:00pm

Experiment with creating a personal uniform, tap into the historical power of collective identity, and playfully push against the concept of individuality. We'll meet over one long weekend and each make a jumpsuit (or pants) for ourselves. The design is gender-free and can be worn and personalized in a variety of ways. 


All sessions will be held at PNCA (511 NW Broadway).

Participating in IMMEDIATE is free!  However, there is a suggested $75 fee to cover materials for the DIY sport uniform workshop as well as the zine printing costs.  If you are unable to contribute toward materials or can't contribute the full amount, you can still participate!  Importantly, players must be willing to commit to attend all sessions & workshops throughout the season. 

Help contribute to a better vision of fashion, develop hands-on skills, make new critical friendships, enjoy the experiences of collaborative art and play, and walk away with a new quality garment made by you! 

Please fill out this form to participate!

Questions?  immediate dot fashion dot school at gmail dot com

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